Clip Circuit Starter Lab

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Clip Circuit Starter Lab

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A great product for beginners, the Clip Circuit Starter Lab requires no prior electrical experience or tools for assembly. This easy-to-build electronics kit features components that clip together so no soldering is required. All pieces are colour coded and marked to show the direction the current travels.
You can conduct 14 electronic experiments while exploring electrical currents in both parallel and series circuits. Each piece has a function: switches, battery packs, lights etc. They are all colour coded and numbered which makes it easy to follow the instructions. The Clip Circuit Starter Lab is perfect for children aged between seven and12 who have an interest in construction, experiments and problem solving activities. The Starter Lab includes:

Slide switch
Press switch
Light bulb
Two large connectors
Four small connectors
Two battery holders
Four AA batteries are required, not included.

Recommended for ages seven and over. Adult supervision is required. Not suitable for children under three years of age.