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EasyRead Time Teacher Rainbow Classroom Clock

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 This product is the heart of the EasyRead Time Teaching System. It sits on the Classroom wall all day every day. It displays the time in the most readable way, with the hands always telling the students which numbers they should read. The bright and colourful face makes it an attractive (and educational) addition to any classroom! 

Teach your students the 3-Step System and they will all be able to tell the time on the EasyRead Classroom clock as soon as they can confidently recognise numbers. What a great way to start the Time Elements of the National Curriculum.

Step 1.  Read the number at the end of the long hand

Step 2.  Say which side of the clock the long hand is pointing to (Minutes Past, or Minutes To)

Step 3.  Read the number at the end of the short hand

Like this: 8…minutes to…2

It's that simple!

The ergonomically designed hanger makes it super simple to re-hang after you’ve used the clock for demonstration. The curriculum notes to the end of stage 2 are printed on the back. Ages 5-12. English language. Ages 5-12. English language.