Aboriginal Art Ochre Pots (3 x 50g)

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Aboriginal Art Ochre Pots (3 x 50g)

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Ancient pigments from Australia
3 x 50g pots (white - yellow - red)

Red, Yellow and White Ochre....collected with respect from the Australian Bush by Indigenous people. An information sheet with this product is provided.

Here is some information from my supplier :

In the old days we used just water, or...Wattle tree sap and water, Fig tree sap, ...spit,....honey and water, eggs, ...blood turns black in the sun after a while...

For binder nowadays I use pva glue (Craft or wood glue that’s white and dries clear.)

…Mix it about 5 water to one glue…to the consistency of milk… in a small bottle. Add enough to saturate the ochre….

Always let it sit for a few minutes to soak in. Stir it occasionally and stir enough liquid in til the ochre is like the paint you want.

Apply with normal brushes, or...a few strands of hair tied together, a thick piece of stringy bark makes an excellent brush, tip of a kangaroo tail is a great brush, feathers (I only use feathers for lines), sticks for dots…or finger tips, cotton buds.

Bamboo skewers are my favourite sometimes wired together to make a "5 dot dottelar"... (5 dots at once..Ever tried doing a dot painting with a tens of thousands of dots.?.!)

 Stir the mix a lot to keep it consistent, and top it up with binder from time to time as it dries out…and when it gets a bit gluggy add some fresh water…. 

 Try to mix only what you will need to start, A LITTLE BIT OF OCHRE GOES A LONG WAY …. you only need a paint mix… even a water colour mix… not a concrete mix.


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