Bear Counters 4, 8, 12 gram 96 pieces

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Bear Counters 4, 8, 12 gram 96 pieces

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Three Bear Family comes in a set of 3 sizes (4, 8 and 12g), 4 colours all weight-related to introduce children to size and mass comparisons. BearCounters reinforce counting, patterning, sequencing and colour recognition. Bear counters also sold as individual packs. Papa (12g), Mama (8g) and Baby Bears (4g) all come in jars of 4 colours. 96 pieces supplied in a durable container.

Use these counters for a wide range of (mathematical) activities. Such as sorting the teddy bears by shape or by size/weight. Or create a pattern of bears. Because the teddy bears come in three different masses, also use them in combination with a scale or balance for weight related activities.