Dice Class Set

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Dice Class Set

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Dice class set containing 58 pieces. A must for every classroom. This unique assortment includes a wide variety of useful dice packed in a strong storage container that fits easily into any drawer. Contains 12 x Dot Dice, 10 x Blank (19mm and 16mm), 4 x 16mm 7-12 Dice, 8 x Operations #1 Dice, 2 each of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20 Opaque and Gem Dice. A small booklet of starting ideas included.

Dice are excellent for teaching children about chance and probability, and other key maths concepts like number sense, counting, addition, subtraction and also much more. They are a very versatile resource in every classroom and a must have in every classroom. Roll the die and ask students what the number is that comes before the number on the die. And which number comes after.

Roll two, and multiply them. Or ask if the number is even or odd. There are so many activities you can do! Also perfect for more advanced lessons like probability. What is the chance to roll a 5? And what if you roll two? Furthermore what happens if you change the 6-sided dice for a 10-sided dice? Does the chance to roll a 5 change? Every classroom should have them, from early primary to high schools. It is a perfect hands-on manipulative to reinforce many important key maths concepts. Students will have fun while learning!