Handmade Decorative Paper 15 x 15cm 50’s

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Handmade Decorative Paper 15 x 15cm 50’s

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You will fall in love with this gorgeous collection of Handmade Decorative Paper – beautifully embossed, foiled and printed this high quality and lovely assortment is the artists, crafters, and scrapbooker’s dream come true!  This collection of squares includes a large variety of colours and patterns – but you won’t want to use them as they are so pretty!  Handmade Decorative Paper can be used for collage, card making, origami in artworks, paper crafts, stationery, invitations and hand made gifts.

Key Features: 

Pack of 50 sheets 
Size:15 x 15cm  
A colourful assortment of quality handmade papers. 
Made from recycled cotton rags that have been chopped and beaten into a pulp. 
This selection includes embellished, embossed, foiled, textured and printed papers. 
Can be used for collage, card making, origami, scrapbooking, and paper craft projects. 
Designs may vary. 
Suitable for all ages