Woodland Furniture Bed

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Woodland Furniture Bed

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The bed is sold as a single piece as only one will fit in a Woodland Fairy House. (Luckily the fairies take turns in sleeping....) The size is 12cm long by 7cm wide and the bed comes with a little felt 'mattress'.

Hand made from carefully selected drift wood and completed with natural moss, they look weathered and unique and will provide lovely living quarters for the fairies in your neighbourhood. Can be used indoors and outdoors. The moss we use is all natural and may deteriorate over time and small pieces may come off when handled in the beginning. A bit like a wool carpet that sheds excess fibres. (We also sell small bags of moss.)

Each piece is carefully nailed together and checked for protruding nails. Keep in mind the wood is natural and take care when letting children under 5 play with these. The furniture and other accessories are all carefully made but may not withstand really rough handling by a very young child.