Clip Circuit Intelligent Rover

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Clip Circuit Intelligent Rover

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The perfect introduction to electronics. Construct your very own Rover that uses both radar and infrared technology to both aim for, and avoid obstacles, all with lights and sounds including space war sounds. Throughout the build and upon completion there are over 100 educational and entertaining experiments to participate in. No previous knowledge of electronics required.  
The well organised colour coded components and 20 page instruction manual provides easy to follow steps to completing your Rover (remote operating vehicle).

Assemble the clip circuits for your Rover; Assemble a LED flash light with experiments in magnets conductivity and light; Install a motor, infrared and radar detector with exciting experiments in detection;  Use your home remote control from your TV/DVD player to direct the rover;  Add a space war sound and listen as it changes sounds as it avoids obstacles.

Once you have completed the initial build, transform your rover into a missile launching vehicle; an F-16 fighter; B-29 bomber; A-10 attack aircraft; DM-3 missile launching vehicle with multi-sound radar and flashing lights; and more

Over 30 components are included to complete the construction (clips, plates and switches, motor and gear case, three wheels, LED flash, speakers and base).

Includes a 20 page instruction manual. Requires four AA batteries, not included.

recommended for ages seven and over. Adult supervision is required. Not suitable for children under three years of age.