Fish Billabong Puzzle

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Fish Billabong Puzzle

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Fish Billabong Puzzle 240 x 200mm, 12 pce wooden jigsaw, including Dreaming story and activities

Fish Billabong,  Guuya Bilabong

Winanggaay Puzzles

Artwork and interpretation by Donna Hensen, of the Wiradjuri People

 This painting shows a waterhole (bilabong) with many big fish (guuya - pronounced goo ya). There is also a very large, and therefore very old eel (jirribang eel ).

            There are four hunters around the waterhole. They are sitting down quietly blending into their surroundings. They have spears and boomerangs with them close at hand, as they can see the tracks of a large ground goanna (dhuuleeyn – pronounced       too leey n). The goanna entered from the left, swam across the waterhole, and exited to the right.

            The dots represent the ground and foliage around the hunters. With traditional Aboriginal art, only the important information is used. Dots can represent many things, such as ants, sand, rocks, airflow or waterflow.                 

 Activity Suggestions 

·         Paint or draw your own dot painting of a water environment in your own area – sea, river, creek or dam; and include local wildlife that would live there.

·         Use in conjunction with the Winanggaay Art Interpretation Kit, to learn how to interpret the artwork in more detail. Contact Gecko Educational for your nearest supplier.